The end of the artificial intelligence assistant should not be just a speaker

It is better to say that in the molested smart speakers, it is better to say that it is an artificial intelligence assistant who lives in these plastic shells, and that the future artificial intelligence assistant wants to be more widely popular, and its chosen carrier may play an important role.

Will be smart assistant into the phone, which is in the mobile phone market a good future, technology companies can not think carefully can make the decision, do not need to develop new hardware, only through the system or software updates can be achieved.

Depending on the number of smart phones, the penetration rate of artificial intelligence assistant suddenly improved, but the problem is that penetration and utilization are another matter.

In 2017, Gartner’s survey showed that Siri and other manual assistants use only 35%. This is a hand for a mobile phone, is not a considerable number.

Regardless of the impact of other application usage on the phone, from a point of view of an artificial intelligence assistant user, the problem of lower usage may be on the carrier of the mobile phone. The idea for technology companies is to let people use artificial help with voice, but in most cases, the operation of the fingers may be more precise than voice control.

Technology companies seem to have never mentioned in the conference on the mobile phone artificial intelligence main use of the scene, but constantly stressed what they can do. It is like finding a better carrier before finding a temporary home for the assistant.

Research organization Creative Strategies surveyed 300 mobile phone users and found that 62% of Andrews users rarely or occasionally use voice assistant, iPhone 70%.

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