Continue to advance the international strategy

Millet has been confirmed on September 11 to grab the new Apple conference, then millet Note 3 and the most watched full-screen mobile phone MIX 2. And before this, millet is the most popular machine is millet 5X, because it is popular star Wu Yifan as millet spokesperson since the release of the first mobile phone. Lei Jun to 5X positioning is the main line of sales of products, the goal is positive against the OPPO and vivo under the two lines of the largest mobile phone brand.

Millet 5X sales situation is very good, the first sales of the day nearly 300,000 of the stocking has been basically swept out. Taking into account the explosion of the reason, millet also created a special 5X version of the millet A1, and on September 5 in New Delhi, India officially released. Not limited to India, millet announced that this phone will be included in India, including the global sales of more than 40 markets, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Mexico and Hong Kong, China Taiwan.

On the millet A1 this machine configuration specifications are not to say, and 5X exactly the same, some highlights include 5.5-inch full HD 1080p display, Qualcomm “God U” Xiao Long 625 processor, 4 GB running memory, the flagship 12 million Pixel dual camera, optical zoom lens, 3080 mAh battery, USB type-c interface and metal body design. However, this has been the user as humane, localization of the representative of MIUI, but did not appear in this machine.

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