Google has been criticized for unequal payment for men and women

In this regard, the review of Google is particularly strict. For a long time, because of the large number of well-paid and well-paid, Google is recognized as one of the world’s best workplace, but the company is currently accept the US Department of Labor’s investigation, and pay gap between men and women by investors and some employees The

“Silicon Valley has become a boy club in the western United States, just as Wall Street has become a boy club in the east,” said Natasha Lamb, director of equity research at Arjuna Capital, a wealth management firm. “The company is on the issue of equal pay for men and women Take a positive action stand.

Earlier this year, Arjuna Capital filed a proposal to Alphabet that asked the company to disclose a comparison between the female and the male counterparts in salary at the Google parent company Alphabet’s shareholders’ meeting. Among the nine high-tech companies in the United States, Arjuna Capital has successfully persuaded seven of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft to disclose these data. Alphabet Director urged shareholders to vote against the proposal, which failed to be approved.

The spreadsheet for Google employees reporting their own remuneration was created by a former Google employee in 2015, and he hoped that it would help colleagues get paid better by negotiation. The form is soon known for everyone, but the details are still confidential.

The remittance information in this spreadsheet can not be seen as an exact description of the income of Google employees, as some employees may have made an error when providing information. At some level, only a small number of employees are willing to share salary information, so there may be data deviation. Although this is not a random sample of employee pay, but in Google, the whole company is closely watching the spreadsheet.

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