How could we draw an anonymous accurate portraits?

But also to maintain the user anonymity, but also to the user for accurate portraits, is not it sound contradictory? Tague also admitted that this is a big challenge for BitClave: how to allow users to prove their authenticity, not to expose the true identity. Once anonymous, user authenticity and search authenticity is difficult to guarantee: for example, with robots to create false accounts.

How to solve this problem? If the merchant has an intention to trade with the buyer, the merchant may ask the user to provide additional information: for example, to provide proof of the connection between the user’s virtual identity and the true identity.

Likewise, if someone searches for two different items in two different identities, he can prove to the seller that the two searches are made by the same user. BitClave allows people to link their different searches. Of course, if the user does not want the two searches to be linked, they can also choose not to respond. In this case, if the buyer does not want to expose his true identity, the merchant will not trade with it. Can be seen, the buyers and sellers on the use of intelligent contract exchange of data behavior, in fact, is a bargain.

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