The transformation of AI in the Chinese market

When the transformation of AI into the Chinese Internet business politics is correct, artificial intelligence, machine learning talent competition has become a clear on the war.

Data show that the current Baidu artificial intelligence talent reserves accounted for 2.54% of the total number of employees, 2015 to 2017, Alibaba and Tencent artificial intelligence talent increased by 325% and 285%. And the overall salary of artificial intelligence Kong, and even reached more than 20,000 yuan. Digging counterparts, digging colleges and universities, digging research institutes are not words, it seems not to show the desire of talent, there is no good enough to come up with artificial intelligence.

But in addition to the face of the short-term phase, we are more interested in the talent between enterprises “Running out” – through internal training, university cooperation, etc. to cultivate the descendant of the army.

How important is the talent for cultivating artificial intelligence and machine learning with corporate roles? Can get the loyalty of the old staff cost-effective, but also to achieve machine learning, computer vision and so the first application of the possibility of technology. In addition to these, different companies I am afraid there are different answers.

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