Iphone will also dominate the mobile phone market

With Apple’s upcoming fall conference on Tuesday, the launch of its iPhone tenth anniversary edition, the company will be the future of the industry to discuss the hot spots. Assuming that the news of the online exposure is true, this phone has a new design, and configure the face recognition, wireless charging and better borderless display.

Critics may complain that other manufacturers’ handsets already have these innovative features. Nevertheless, Apple’s phone will still have excellent performance. Over the past decade, Apple has become a master of smartphone industry manufacturers, even if the release of such a commemorative version of the iPhone, it also knows how to complete the task well.

However, if Apple hopes to maintain the advantages of the next decade, but also need to learn a little technical things. For example, Apple needs to be in the machine acquisition, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology to become experts, need to enhance its efforts at the media level. Apple’s success in the next decade may be more dependent on its experience to the iPhone consumer, rather than hardware products.

“Apple needs to peddle the software experience and provide it with additional services,” said Melina Milanesi, a professor of Creative Strategies technology at the Creative Strategies. “Milanez pointed out that Apple should allow users to pay for it, , Not the new iPhone.

For Apple, the good news is that iPhone is the perfect carrier to offer new services and innovation. Because Apple controls the iPhone’s hardware and software, it can provide these experiences in an aggregated way, which is what its biggest competitor does not have.

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