Google Daydream joins the new VR course

As more and more new phones began to support Daydream, Google’s VR platform gradually gained attention, especially its independent VR head is about to be released later this year. Now, the company has launched a new development tools, mainly used in the VR to build and learn.

As a matter of fact, Daydream Performance Heads-up Display is an indicator viewer for applications that allows developers to see performance information about their applications, including frame rate, process memory usage, thermal regulation, and platform-specific metrics The

This head-up display monitors the critical VR performance without removing the head. Google believes that the tool is useful for understanding how virtual assets affect performance and perform QA.

Likewise, the Instant Preview feature allows changes from the Unity and Unreal editors to appear immediately in the VR without the need for recompilation and can now be used faster, smoother, easier to use. In addition, editing changes can be synchronized via Wi-Fi, rather than connecting a cable between the head and the computer as before.

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