The world of short-time video

Recently, today’s headlines from the digging 300 V event continued fermentation, this high-quality creators for the big fight again to the content war to a climax. Coincidentally, not just in the field of knowledge content, the BAT giants have entered the content of the battle for the war has spread to almost any of the current content of the field, of which the shortest video of the most intense war.

Specifically, the short video fortune in 2014, following the short video social originator Vine selling Twitter all the way up after the domestic set off a short video heat wave; and the same as 2016 Twitter announced after the closure of Vine, short video first half of the brutal growth And finally with the curtain, short video into the second half of high-quality content PK. This means that the era of low quality, homogeneous short video content is coming to an end, and the quality of short quality video content is coming.

For the content distribution platform, from the melee to the survivors, to build a perfect short video content ecology, in particular, to create a benign commercial model to ensure a steady stream of high-quality content hatch and output, will become the key to the platform to extend life The Breakdown of domestic and foreign well-known video content platform, the development trend more or less to see the shadow of the industry’s future.

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