The real technical environment of google sunglasses

Today’s enhanced reality technology environment and Google glasses at the time faced by the situation is different. In addition to the high cost, lack of application, weak developer, privacy issues, product positioning is not clear so that the development cycle infinite extension of the project risk spread is the key reason. The industry is aware that the Big Three Apple and Microsoft in the combination of hardware and software products, engineering capacity is higher than Google, HoloLens have a clear range of the border and the product progress is better match.

From the product form, the form of human-computer interaction and richness of view, HoloLens has a smart hand-held AR unparalleled advantages.

From the technical performance, HoloLens leading the existing AR equipment, including smart phones AR, which is self-proclaimed as a hybrid reality (MR) the reason, the latter is not just similar to the HUD layer stack, but both AR and VR Characteristics of the realization of the mixed reality, the physical layer to meet the special holographic processors, sensors and various modules, which is difficult to shape the traditional AR equipment.

So compared to synthetic AR technology, smart phones, HoloLens is more like a tailor-made equipment for the AR, in the enterprise market and proprietary areas have irreplaceable.

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