The end of the artificial intelligence assistant should not be just a speaker

It is better to say that in the molested smart speakers, it is better to say that it is an artificial intelligence assistant who lives in these plastic shells, and that the future artificial intelligence assistant wants to be more widely popular, and its chosen carrier may play an important role.

Will be smart assistant into the phone, which is in the mobile phone market a good future, technology companies can not think carefully can make the decision, do not need to develop new hardware, only through the system or software updates can be achieved.

Depending on the number of smart phones, the penetration rate of artificial intelligence assistant suddenly improved, but the problem is that penetration and utilization are another matter.

In 2017, Gartner’s survey showed that Siri and other manual assistants use only 35%. This is a hand for a mobile phone, is not a considerable number.

Regardless of the impact of other application usage on the phone, from a point of view of an artificial intelligence assistant user, the problem of lower usage may be on the carrier of the mobile phone. The idea for technology companies is to let people use artificial help with voice, but in most cases, the operation of the fingers may be more precise than voice control.

Technology companies seem to have never mentioned in the conference on the mobile phone artificial intelligence main use of the scene, but constantly stressed what they can do. It is like finding a better carrier before finding a temporary home for the assistant.

Research organization Creative Strategies surveyed 300 mobile phone users and found that 62% of Andrews users rarely or occasionally use voice assistant, iPhone 70%.

Continue to advance the international strategy

Millet has been confirmed on September 11 to grab the new Apple conference, then millet Note 3 and the most watched full-screen mobile phone MIX 2. And before this, millet is the most popular machine is millet 5X, because it is popular star Wu Yifan as millet spokesperson since the release of the first mobile phone. Lei Jun to 5X positioning is the main line of sales of products, the goal is positive against the OPPO and vivo under the two lines of the largest mobile phone brand.

Millet 5X sales situation is very good, the first sales of the day nearly 300,000 of the stocking has been basically swept out. Taking into account the explosion of the reason, millet also created a special 5X version of the millet A1, and on September 5 in New Delhi, India officially released. Not limited to India, millet announced that this phone will be included in India, including the global sales of more than 40 markets, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Mexico and Hong Kong, China Taiwan.

On the millet A1 this machine configuration specifications are not to say, and 5X exactly the same, some highlights include 5.5-inch full HD 1080p display, Qualcomm “God U” Xiao Long 625 processor, 4 GB running memory, the flagship 12 million Pixel dual camera, optical zoom lens, 3080 mAh battery, USB type-c interface and metal body design. However, this has been the user as humane, localization of the representative of MIUI, but did not appear in this machine.

Google has been criticized for unequal payment for men and women

In this regard, the review of Google is particularly strict. For a long time, because of the large number of well-paid and well-paid, Google is recognized as one of the world’s best workplace, but the company is currently accept the US Department of Labor’s investigation, and pay gap between men and women by investors and some employees The

“Silicon Valley has become a boy club in the western United States, just as Wall Street has become a boy club in the east,” said Natasha Lamb, director of equity research at Arjuna Capital, a wealth management firm. “The company is on the issue of equal pay for men and women Take a positive action stand.

Earlier this year, Arjuna Capital filed a proposal to Alphabet that asked the company to disclose a comparison between the female and the male counterparts in salary at the Google parent company Alphabet’s shareholders’ meeting. Among the nine high-tech companies in the United States, Arjuna Capital has successfully persuaded seven of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft to disclose these data. Alphabet Director urged shareholders to vote against the proposal, which failed to be approved.

The spreadsheet for Google employees reporting their own remuneration was created by a former Google employee in 2015, and he hoped that it would help colleagues get paid better by negotiation. The form is soon known for everyone, but the details are still confidential.

The remittance information in this spreadsheet can not be seen as an exact description of the income of Google employees, as some employees may have made an error when providing information. At some level, only a small number of employees are willing to share salary information, so there may be data deviation. Although this is not a random sample of employee pay, but in Google, the whole company is closely watching the spreadsheet.

How could we draw an anonymous accurate portraits?

But also to maintain the user anonymity, but also to the user for accurate portraits, is not it sound contradictory? Tague also admitted that this is a big challenge for BitClave: how to allow users to prove their authenticity, not to expose the true identity. Once anonymous, user authenticity and search authenticity is difficult to guarantee: for example, with robots to create false accounts.

How to solve this problem? If the merchant has an intention to trade with the buyer, the merchant may ask the user to provide additional information: for example, to provide proof of the connection between the user’s virtual identity and the true identity.

Likewise, if someone searches for two different items in two different identities, he can prove to the seller that the two searches are made by the same user. BitClave allows people to link their different searches. Of course, if the user does not want the two searches to be linked, they can also choose not to respond. In this case, if the buyer does not want to expose his true identity, the merchant will not trade with it. Can be seen, the buyers and sellers on the use of intelligent contract exchange of data behavior, in fact, is a bargain.

The transformation of AI in the Chinese market

When the transformation of AI into the Chinese Internet business politics is correct, artificial intelligence, machine learning talent competition has become a clear on the war.

Data show that the current Baidu artificial intelligence talent reserves accounted for 2.54% of the total number of employees, 2015 to 2017, Alibaba and Tencent artificial intelligence talent increased by 325% and 285%. And the overall salary of artificial intelligence Kong, and even reached more than 20,000 yuan. Digging counterparts, digging colleges and universities, digging research institutes are not words, it seems not to show the desire of talent, there is no good enough to come up with artificial intelligence.

But in addition to the face of the short-term phase, we are more interested in the talent between enterprises “Running out” – through internal training, university cooperation, etc. to cultivate the descendant of the army.

How important is the talent for cultivating artificial intelligence and machine learning with corporate roles? Can get the loyalty of the old staff cost-effective, but also to achieve machine learning, computer vision and so the first application of the possibility of technology. In addition to these, different companies I am afraid there are different answers.

Google Daydream joins the new VR course

As more and more new phones began to support Daydream, Google’s VR platform gradually gained attention, especially its independent VR head is about to be released later this year. Now, the company has launched a new development tools, mainly used in the VR to build and learn.

As a matter of fact, Daydream Performance Heads-up Display is an indicator viewer for applications that allows developers to see performance information about their applications, including frame rate, process memory usage, thermal regulation, and platform-specific metrics The

This head-up display monitors the critical VR performance without removing the head. Google believes that the tool is useful for understanding how virtual assets affect performance and perform QA.

Likewise, the Instant Preview feature allows changes from the Unity and Unreal editors to appear immediately in the VR without the need for recompilation and can now be used faster, smoother, easier to use. In addition, editing changes can be synchronized via Wi-Fi, rather than connecting a cable between the head and the computer as before.

The world of short-time video

Recently, today’s headlines from the digging 300 V event continued fermentation, this high-quality creators for the big fight again to the content war to a climax. Coincidentally, not just in the field of knowledge content, the BAT giants have entered the content of the battle for the war has spread to almost any of the current content of the field, of which the shortest video of the most intense war.

Specifically, the short video fortune in 2014, following the short video social originator Vine selling Twitter all the way up after the domestic set off a short video heat wave; and the same as 2016 Twitter announced after the closure of Vine, short video first half of the brutal growth And finally with the curtain, short video into the second half of high-quality content PK. This means that the era of low quality, homogeneous short video content is coming to an end, and the quality of short quality video content is coming.

For the content distribution platform, from the melee to the survivors, to build a perfect short video content ecology, in particular, to create a benign commercial model to ensure a steady stream of high-quality content hatch and output, will become the key to the platform to extend life The Breakdown of domestic and foreign well-known video content platform, the development trend more or less to see the shadow of the industry’s future.

The real technical environment of google sunglasses

Today’s enhanced reality technology environment and Google glasses at the time faced by the situation is different. In addition to the high cost, lack of application, weak developer, privacy issues, product positioning is not clear so that the development cycle infinite extension of the project risk spread is the key reason. The industry is aware that the Big Three Apple and Microsoft in the combination of hardware and software products, engineering capacity is higher than Google, HoloLens have a clear range of the border and the product progress is better match.

From the product form, the form of human-computer interaction and richness of view, HoloLens has a smart hand-held AR unparalleled advantages.

From the technical performance, HoloLens leading the existing AR equipment, including smart phones AR, which is self-proclaimed as a hybrid reality (MR) the reason, the latter is not just similar to the HUD layer stack, but both AR and VR Characteristics of the realization of the mixed reality, the physical layer to meet the special holographic processors, sensors and various modules, which is difficult to shape the traditional AR equipment.

So compared to synthetic AR technology, smart phones, HoloLens is more like a tailor-made equipment for the AR, in the enterprise market and proprietary areas have irreplaceable.

Iphone will also dominate the mobile phone market

With Apple’s upcoming fall conference on Tuesday, the launch of its iPhone tenth anniversary edition, the company will be the future of the industry to discuss the hot spots. Assuming that the news of the online exposure is true, this phone has a new design, and configure the face recognition, wireless charging and better borderless display.

Critics may complain that other manufacturers’ handsets already have these innovative features. Nevertheless, Apple’s phone will still have excellent performance. Over the past decade, Apple has become a master of smartphone industry manufacturers, even if the release of such a commemorative version of the iPhone, it also knows how to complete the task well.

However, if Apple hopes to maintain the advantages of the next decade, but also need to learn a little technical things. For example, Apple needs to be in the machine acquisition, artificial intelligence and other advanced technology to become experts, need to enhance its efforts at the media level. Apple’s success in the next decade may be more dependent on its experience to the iPhone consumer, rather than hardware products.

“Apple needs to peddle the software experience and provide it with additional services,” said Melina Milanesi, a professor of Creative Strategies technology at the Creative Strategies. “Milanez pointed out that Apple should allow users to pay for it, , Not the new iPhone.

For Apple, the good news is that iPhone is the perfect carrier to offer new services and innovation. Because Apple controls the iPhone’s hardware and software, it can provide these experiences in an aggregated way, which is what its biggest competitor does not have.